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Small Business Loans – Fast Turnaround and all applications considered


Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, large or small. There are times and circumstances when a small business loan is required to move a company forward and to potentially maximise unforeseen opportunities that have become available. Consequently, business Directors or owners may be faced with the task of securing a loan from a small business loan company.

Ascertaining your requirements and agreeing an affordable loan that meets your businesses demands are things that CBS Finance specialise in. We deal with a huge cross section of small businesses in many areas and understand how business works. We work quickly and efficiently to secure the necessary funding that your business requires.

Matching specialist business lenders to your business requirements means that we have a very high success rate of securing your essential funding quickly and efficiently. Get in touch now to start the quick and easy process of application for your loan.

Reasons for a Small Business Loan


There are many reasons why a business may need a small business loan. These include expansion of products or services, increased marketing activity or promotional events. Sometimes these requirements are not necessarily planned and can seem to ‘come out of the blue’.

No matter how well a business is prepared and how effective its’ business plan and cash flow forecasts are, there are times when a company needs to act to take advantage of market opportunities. These may include increased office or working space or an increase in stock levels. Investment in machinery to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as acquiring additional staff, these are all areas where additional funding may be required. Simple cash flow issues may sometimes be better suited to a Bridging Loan, however a loan may also be appropriate in many cash flow cases.

CBS Finance are specialists in business finance and are sympathetic to your requirements. We recognise that every application for a small business loan is unique and should be judged on its own merits.


Glossary of Terms



As you would expect, there are a number of qualifying criteria that need to be met when applying for business finance. These may include checks on owners or Directors as well as on the business itself.

We recognise the tough trading conditions that have existed over the last ten years and as we deal with a number of specialist lenders, our significant experience means that we can usually match the most appropriate loan to your specific requirements.

Whilst a perfect credit rating is advantageous, it is currently very rare and lenders recognise this. For that reason, many of our lenders will look at any minor blips in trading and will do their best to offer a suitable loan for your small business.

Talk to our expert advisors today about your small business loan needs. We are experienced in analysing your requirements.

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