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Development Finance for Commercial Property Developments


CBS Finance specialise in supporting clients to access development finance. Often referred to as property development finance, this refers to a loan for the development of property for a variety of reasons. This is usually a short-term loan that is used to enhance, develop or refurbish commercial property to increase its future value.

We have significant experience in sourcing development loans through our portfolio of lenders. We pride ourselves in an efficient and fast service to get you a decision on your loan as quickly as possible.

The process is relatively straight forward and we can assist with maximising the success of your application.



One of the most popular reasons for applying for a development loan is to enhance a property which will in turn increase its future value. Examples of this may include converting a large building into flats. We work with clients to enable them to access as much funding as possible for their project and can achieve up to 100% of the required loan for the development.

We can help you find a development loans in excess of £25,000. One useful feature of this type of loanis that they have no tie-ins. This means that you can repay the loan at any stage without incurring additional early settlement charges. With many of our lenders there is no early settlement fee whatsoever. Your funds are available in stage payments and other properties may be used as collateral.

Development loan rates do vary from project to project and upon your experience in this area. This is where CBS Finance can help significantly by sourcing the most appropriate lender to your requirements and assisting with the application to completion.

What is the GDV?


The gross development value is the expected value of the property after receiving development, or what a new property would be worth on the open market under current climate conditions. The GDV is calculated carefully in advance of any development loan being agreed.


Development Finance UK – How can CBS Finance Help?



Take advantage of our expertise in this area and we will save you much time and money by recommending the most suitable lender. We understand development finance and can  speed-up the process which, in many instances is important when an opportunity presents.


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Q. What exactly is development finance?
A. Development finance describes a short term loan that is usually specifically for the development or refurbishment of land or a property.

Q. Why would I choose a development loan over traditional loans?
A. Development finance is often used by builders and developers as it can be a quick and efficient way to fund both land and property development. Specialist lenders understand the potential future values of land and property development and are generally happy to loan more towards the project than a traditional lender. Development loans are relatively quick to process.

Q. What is the normal process to apply for development finance?
A. The borrower would submit an application for development finance that will include the initial purchase price, development costs, legal fees and timescales to completion. As a borrower you will be credit checked, the development project and your experience will also be a major part of the loan offer consideration. Once approved you may be required to supply regular updates to the lender on progress of the development.

Q. What paperwork is required for a development finance loan?
A. You will be required to provide original purchase price evidence and professional evidence of the projected future value. Costed estimates for the development work and timescale predictions will also be required. You will also require planning applications and permission if granted.

Q. Can I apply for development finance if I have poor credit?
A. There is a relatively strict process in place for granting a development finance loan and in almost all instances a good credit rating will be required.

Q. Are there any downsides to development finance?
A. The paperwork required can be relatively extensive when applying for a development loan. Arrangement and exit fees tend to be higher than with a traditional mortgage and interest rates are agreed between the lender and the borrower.

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